Chocolate polo buns with chocolate chips 巧可力豆菠罗包


Baked these chocolate buns with ‘cookie’ crust chocolate chips toppings last week. Chocolates, my fav!  



bread flour 168g
cake flour 42g
active  dry yeast 2.5g
castor sugar 34g
salt 2.5g
egg 21g
water 100g
whipped cream 10g
butter 21g

Usual way of bread making. Proof two times. Shaped each ball weigh 40g, with 25g of cookie crust on top. Bake in preheated oven at 180d for 15mins.

‘cookie’ crust toppings

butter 40g
sugar 40g
egg 40g
cake flour 100g
baking powder 1g
some chocolate chips

Combine all ingredients together and chill in freezer for later use.

I wrapped the flatten bread dough under the cookie crust during the 2nd proofing. In case it gets sticky, just roll over on bread flour. 


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