Pandan Chiffon Cake


Baked myself a pandan chiffon on my birthday, since I have been craving for it for a long long time. 🙂

No cream and no time to do decoration. Well..the cake was finished in a day.



I don’t have coconut oil and coconut milk. Hv not stepped out of house for a long time during this circuit breaker. I used soya milk and canola oil. Overall still taste alright. I used extracted pandan juice prepared the day before.


Sugar Donuts


Ready for some sugary donuts today? 

It’s almost a month we staying at home during this covid-19 period. Besides doing HBL with Ian at home, I still have some time for baking. Have not been baking for awhile, decided to bake some sugary donuts for the kids. 

That enthusiastic baking feeling has come back. Besides the going to expire flour reason to get me started, I also want to hone back my baking skill. 🙂 


They all said nice. Or maybe they give me face?

Anyway, I am happy with my bakes today.

Kueh Lapis


This, a must-have for CNY this year. Because is everyone’s favourite. ❤  

Zann took a huge piece before I could cut it evenly. Well….too long never bake i guess she waited to eat my bakes 😀 


Happy Chinese Year. My first bake in 2019. 

I need to start my run after eating this.  I will be back here soon



Hello June 2018!

I hardly bake these days already.  Zann was asking for my bakes many times which I finally helped her with these little ones (chouquette).

I feel happy that she miss my bakes. I will start to bake more often soon.  🙂

Cream Scones


I have never tried scones before.  I was so tempted to bake them but never had the chance. Until I saw the recipe in I decided to make then today. The result is 14 small fluffy and light scones. Hub loves them. I prefer to eat them with jam. 


Pumpkin Sponge Cake


Baked this pumpkin sponge cake for the kids today. The cake was finished in a day. Zann wanted to eat the whole cake but I stopped her. Little Bro and myself only had a small slice, while Daddy didn’t get to eat. 

I wanted to take a good shot of the cake but I was too tired to take a second shot. well…