Chocolate Marble Pumpkin Bread




bread dough 
bread flour 270g 
cake flour 30g
sugar 30g
salt 1/4tsp 
butter 30g (melted)
yeast 1/2 tsp 
milk 210g 

Combine all ingredients together. Leave it to proof for 30mins. Fold 20 times.
Repeat the steps each after 30mins.
Roll and shape accordingly.
( I shaped the dough into long rolls with chocolate layer and sliced 8 portions) 
Bake 170d for 30mins.


Purple Sweet Potato Butter Rolls


I was so eager to try the purple sweet potato powder Hub just bought for me. Which was why the butter rolls were baked today. By using the sponge dough method, the bread texture was very soft.




Sponge dough 
214g bread flour 
128g cold milk 
2g instant yeast 

** Combine all ingredients and left to proof at room temp for an hour and then leave it in the fridge for 16hr. 

Main dough 
42g bread flour 
55g cake flour (or wholemeal flour) 
12g milk powder 
20g purple sweet potato powder
25g milk 
30g egg 
35g butter 

** Combine all ingredients, together with the sponge dough
** Usual way of kneading the bread until panel stage. 
** Shape and Proof for 60mins
** Bake in preheated oven at 180d for 15mins. 

Potato Bread


Two ingredients which I love, that is potato and bread . Loves the bread aroma when it was freshly baked.   


The dough is sticky to handle so really need time and patience if use hand kneading method.  


potato puree 150g 
bread flour 270g
cake flour 30g 
yeast 2/4tsp 
maple syrup 60g 
milk 80ml 
egg 50g
butter 50g 

** usual straight dough method 

Wholemeal Cinnamon Buns with Walnuts


Nowadays I so used to making small bread buns for the kids. For my convenience and also easy to shape. No need to think so much. Zann approved and loves these cinnamon bread. 


Recipe (makes 12) 

bread flour 250g 
wholemeal flour 50g
yeast 1/2t 
egg 1
maple syrup 20g 
unsalted butter 50g 
milk 150ml 

** the usual straight dough method.  


Red Bean Buns


I finally finished my soon to expire bread flour, by baking these red bean buns. I was too tired to plan what I want to bake today. So it is more like clearing my going to expire flour and ingredients in the fridge. Just some simple sweet buns with red bean fillings we all love. 

(I used the same recipe for cheddar cheese bread) 

Banana Cake


Who doesn’t love bananas? We love bananas, especially the kids. 

I baked this banana cake, using the steam-bake method. And the result is a super fluffy and soft cake. This recipe is a keeper! 


banana 120g 
vege oil 40g 
sugar 60g
milk 20g 
egg yolks 4 
egg whites 4 
cake flour 85g ( I used the Jap cake flour) 

Mash the bananas.
Microwave the oil for 1 min. Add in the sifted flour into the oil. Mix well. 
Add in the milk and the egg yolks. Mix well. 
Add in the mashed bananas and combine well. 
Prepare the meringue. Add sugar to the egg whites and beat until soft peak.
Add 1/3 of the egg white to the yolk batter. 
Add to the remaining egg white and fold well. 
Pour into the 6″ round cake tin. 
Steam-bake in preheated oven at 150d for 60min. 

Recipe cr : Stephie’s Kitchen 

Cheddar Cheese Sweet Bread


Happy Mid Autumn Festival !

I didn’t bake moon cakes this year since no one requested. 😀 
I am back to my kitchen to bake bread. Decided to finish off my soon to expire cheese in the fridge. The kids’ favourite. 


bread flour 250g 
yeast 3g 
sugar 50g 
salt 3/4 tsp 
egg 50g
milk 110g 
butter 50g 

** Usual straight dough method 
** Shape accordingly 
** Bake in preheated oven at 180d for 20min