Castella Cake


Baked my own castella cake today since I am at home.  

Castella Cake is so popular now in Singapore. I see long queue whenever I go Tampines. Really don’t understand why so many people like castella cake. 

I still prefer  a simple cream cheese cake though. 



In chinese, the cake is called 古早味蛋糕. Taste more like a 鸡蛋 蛋糕 to me. 

Recipe adapted and modified from Stephie’s cooking (you-tube), which I used 2 eggs only.


Wholemeal Red Bean Buns


It’s a long weekend this week. The best time to stay at home and bake… 

Added red bean paste as the fillings inside these wholemeal buns. Don’t know why Zann doesn’t like red bean. 


150g bread flour (I used the TW bread flour) 
150g super fine wholemeal flour 
5g instant yeast
40g brown sugar 
1 large egg (60g)
210ml milk (I used skim milk)
40g unsalted butter 

The usual straight  dough method. 
Bake in preheated oven at 170d for 24mins. 



I have not been baking regularly. 

Almost forgot how to bake these puffs, but I remember these are everyone’s favourite the last time I baked them. True enough, there are no leftover today.