Kueh Lapis


Kueh Lapis, in layers of patience and hard work. Took me nearly 3hrs baking these layers from scratch. Can only do this once a year to prepare for Chinese New Year .  But then, how not to bake this cake when it’s everyone favourite. I still prefer the original lapis version. 



The girl prefers the original though she likes the colour.  

Old School Chocolate Fudge Cake


So super moist and chocolatey! Love it ! 

This Lana-inspired recipe taken from 8days  is definitely a keeper! 

I have not tried the original Lana cake even though I grow up in Singapore. When I saw the recipe, I was soooo tempted to bake it. 


Recipe (Makes a large 12-inch cake) 

For the cake


HongKong Flour 85g 
Sponge Cake Mix 170g (I used Optima Brand) 
Cocoa Powder 85g  (I used Valrhona Cocoa Powder) 
Baking Powder 1/2 ts 
Baking Soda 1/4 ts ( I omitted) 
Sea Salt 1/2 ts


Egg Yolks 8
Caster Sugar 100g 
Corn Oil 150ml 
Water 150ml 
Chocolate emulco 2tbsp 


Egg Whites 8 
Cream of tartar 1/2 ts
Caster Sugar 100g 

For the fudge frosting 

3 cups water 
6tbsp green bean flour 
110g caster sugar 
130g dark chocolate 
1 1/2 tbsp chocolate emulco
4 1/2 tsp gelatin powder 
1/2 tsp sea salt 

Preheat oven to 160d. Lightly grease and line only the bottom of 12-inch square tin. 
Sift ingredients A. Set aside 
Make mixture B. Combine yolks and sugar. Beat until pale and thickened. 
Add oil, water, chocolate emulco until well mixed. 
Combine mixture A and B. Ser aside. 
Make mixture C. Beat egg white till frothy, then gradually add sugar. Whisk till stiff peak. 
Transfer 1/3 of C into chocolate batter. Fold well. 
Add  remaining egg white and fold well. 
Bake for 30-40mins. Set aside to cool completely. (I bake for 40mins) 

Place water in a pot. Take out a ladle of water to combine with the green bean flour. Mix the flour well and set aside. 
Add remaining ingredients into the water and stir over medium heat until it starts to boil. 
Add in the flour mixture. Stir till it thickens. Remove and set aside to cool to room temp. 
Lade the fudge frosting accordingly and place  in the fridge for 2hours. 

Kopitiam Loaf Bread


School term started today. Hub ll be away for a week.

I can only bake small quantity for ourselves this week. Baking bread gives me greater satisfaction more than cake. I promised Zann her cheesecake.

Maybe later week. 


Sponge dough

bread flour 125g
cold fresh milk 50ml
yoghurt 50g
instant yeast 2g

Combine all and knead into dough. Set aside to rise in a warm place for 2-3 hrs.


bread flour 300g
salt 7g
castor sugar 50g
instant yeast 5g
yoghurt 100g
fresh milk 100g
egg 1
butter 50g

Combine all ingredients with the sponge dough except butter, into a dough. Add in the butter and continue to knead until window pane stage. Set aside to proof for 1-2 hrs. Shape accordingly to your desired bread shape and bake in preheated oven at 190d for 25mins.




Baked panettone because New Year is near.

I added dark chocolate and orange zests to the bread.

bread flour + milk powder 200g + 10g
sugar 20g
butter 100g
egg 1
egg yolk 1
salt 4g
instant yeast 4g
water 75ml

I used 30g orange peel and 40g dark chocolate

Combine all ingredients except butter. Add in the butter slowly and knead the dough till it reach window pane stage. Add in orange zest and dark chocolate. Do not over knead. Set aside for overnight proofing.

I shape it in my muffin trays the next morning. Baked in preheated oven at 190d for 15mins.

I added almond cookie crust for the topping.

almond powder 60g
sugar 60g
egg white 50g
icing sugar for dusting

Combine all and pipe out onto the bread and dust with icing sugar before bake.


Anpan (Japanese Sweet Red Bean Buns)


Made these little anpans for the kids. Not many. 8 only. I used Adzuki Canned Red bean, blended and made them into fillings. 

Recipe (adapted from Yichihye)

Adzuki paste 240g

Bread flour 160g
sugar 20g
fresh yeast 8g
salt 2g
egg 20g
unsalted butter 20g
milk 20ml
water 55-60ml
Some bread flour to dust on work area and baking tray
Egg glaze

Combine all the ingredients. Not necessary to finish adding the water. Knead the dough into elastic and smooth. Proof for 1 hr. Punch in to release the air. Divide into 8 portions. Rest for 10mins. Shape into round balls and flatten before adding the adzuki paste (30g each). With the filling inside the dough, shape them into round balls and slightly flatten again. I used a measuring tbsp to press into the centre of the dough. Proof 2nd time for 40mins.

Egg glaze and bake in preheated oven at 180d for 15mins.

Note: Dust the tablespoon with flour so it will not stick to the dough.