Orange cake


So many mandarin oranges on my table, which I wanted to clear. Wanted to bake myself a good butter cake last week but no time. Until today I finally bake myself a not so buttery small orange cake. Too much buttery pastries during CNY last week so this time must control. 😀


Recipe (modified and adapted from 孟老師的100道小蛋糕)

unsalted butter 30g
egg 2
egg yolk 1
castor sugar 70g
cake flour 100g
corn flour 25g ( I omitted) 
almond flour 25g
( I used 50g almond flour)

vanilla extract 1/2 tsp ( I replaced with 1 tbsp orange juice)
orange zest from 1 orange  (I omitted)


To make orange glaze (I omitted)
castor sugar 60g
orange juice 2tbsp
orange zest

Grease the mould. Set aside. ( my small mould is 15cm by 6cm)
Microwave to melt the unsalted butter and set aside.
Whisk to combine egg yolk, eggs and sugar.  Fold in the sifted flour mixture and melted butter. by spatula. Add in the orange juice and orange zest gently. Rest aside for 20mins. Pour into the mould and bake in preheated oven at 190d for 20-25mins.

To make the orange glaze,
Add sugar to orange juice and boil on low heat for a min. Stir in the orange zest. Set aside to cool down and pour onto the top of the cake.

I wanted to add some orange zest but I changed my mind when I thought of my kids. Worried they might not like it if I added the zest. 

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