Yam and sweet potato balls


recipe (adapted from Malaysian Kuehs and Snacks)

Ingredients A (skin)

500g steamed sweet potato (mashed)
250g glutinous rice flour (sifted)
100g sugar
2tbsp wheat starch

Ingredients B (filling)

300g steamed yam (mashed)
100g sugar
50g oil

Filling: Stir fry ingredients B over medium heat until mixture is not sticky, set aside.

Skin: Combine ingredients A and divide into small portions. Wrap in filling and shape into balls.

Fill a sauce pot with oil and heat it up. Drop in yam balls and deep fry till golden brown. Leave to cool before serving.

(I halved the quantity) 

Goji Chocolate Balls




I just really wanted something chocolatey and these definitely did it for me.  And took me less than 30mins to prepare. How healthy, and easy for my chocolatey indulgence.



Packed with goji, almonds, melon seeds, chia seeds, apricots, raisins and dark chocolate.  You can just add any types of dried fruits you like. 





I finished them in no time. Heh. I will add more chia seeds and goji next time, and and toasted walnuts as well. Yum.



2tbsp goji (I steamed till soften)
2tbsp chia seeds
2tbsp dried apricots
dark chocolate pieces
2tbsp raisins
2tbsp almonds
1tbsp melon seeds
1tsp agave nectar

Process everything in a food processor until it turns into a  sticky paste.  Form balls and roll them into unsweetened cocoa powder .


I’m joining Best Recipes for Everyone September 2014 Event Theme: Chocolate Wonderland hosted by Fion of XuanHom’s Mom



We used a day old expired milk bread to make this nutella bread pudding, with cinnamon sugar and banana slices. Zann was more than happy to prepare and help out. In fact, bread pudding is so easy and suitable for children to do on their own.

The girl was so happy with her bake and insisted to bring to school for her snack time.