Castella Cake


Baked my own castella cake today since I am at home.  

Castella Cake is so popular now in Singapore. I see long queue whenever I go Tampines. Really don’t understand why so many people like castella cake. 

I still prefer  a simple cream cheese cake though. 



In chinese, the cake is called 古早味蛋糕. Taste more like a 鸡蛋 蛋糕 to me. 

Recipe adapted and modified from Stephie’s cooking (you-tube), which I used 2 eggs only.


Kueh Lapis


Kueh Lapis, in layers of patience and hard work. Took me nearly 3hrs baking these layers from scratch. Can only do this once a year to prepare for Chinese New Year .  But then, how not to bake this cake when it’s everyone favourite. I still prefer the original lapis version. 



The girl prefers the original though she likes the colour.  

Cream Cheese Ogura Cake


The Chinese Seventh Month , not a good month for kids and myself. Because all of us were sick during this period. I wanted to finish the cream cheese  in the fridge, so decided to bake one ogura cake for everyone. Fortunately, it turned out good. 

Recipe, modified and adapted from here