Egg tarts


Buttery crusts with fragrant, wobbly egg custard. These are our love especially Zann’s. Whenever we pass by the bakery shop, she always asks for some egg tarts. I decided to bake some although I am very tired today. 


plain flour 300g
custard powder 2 tbsp
milk powder 2 tbsp
sugar 1tbsp
egg 1
butter 200g

Egg custard 

sugar 120g
water 350g
eggs 5, beaten lightly
evaporated milk 100g  ( I used skimmed milk)

Prepare the egg custard
Heat up the water and sugar until the sugar dissolves. Leave to cool. Add in the beaten eggs and milk. Mix well. Sieve and set aside.

Prepare the pastry

Cut cold butter into small cubes. Combine flour, custard powder, milk powder. Mix well. Rub in the cold butter. Add sugar and mix well. Add in the beaten egg  to form a soft dough. (Do not knead) Refrigerate for 20mins to firm it up. Weigh the dough each 25g each, and shape them into the tart mould. Fill the tarts with the fillings until 90%.

Bake in preheated oven at 180d for 20mins.

Recipe adapted from Hei Mama 


Almond Soya Milk Egg Tarts



I prefer soya milk egg tarts to the original egg tarts. When I told Zann I wanted to add soya milk, she told me she was not going to eat them. Ok well. I still went ahead to bake them.  If I never try I would never know also. That’s my belief when it comes to bake.

The result? The tarts turned out nice with the smooth silky egg layer. I used chwee kueh moulds instead of the usual egg tart moulds.




Recipe adapted from Vanessa.



Hong Kong Egg Tarts


I love to eat hong kong style egg tarts. Reminds me so much of Tai Cheong egg tarts we tried in Hong Kong last time. I miss Hong Kong. All of us are egg tarts lovers…


Recipe (adapted from AuntyYochana)

Tart Shell

125g unsalted butter
60 g icing sugar
15g egg white
15g egg yolk
210 g cake flour
1/2 tsp. vanilla essence

Egg Custard

280 gm. fresh milk
160 gm. sugar
3 nos. eggs
1/2 tsp. vanilla essence


For the tart shell: beat butter and icing sugar till well mixed. Add in white and yolk and mix.Add in vanilla essence and then the flour and mix into a dough. Rest for 10 mins. Press dough into small tart moulds. Bake the tart shell till half-cooked.

For egg custard, heat sugar and milk together. Once sugar dissolves, off heat.Whisk eggs and pour into the milk mixture. Do not whisk till frothy.

Add in vanilla essence. Sift the egg custard and pour into tart moulds and bake at 175C till egg custard sets. (wobbly stage)

After pouring in the custard, bake at a lower shelf to make sure that the pastry will be cooked at 175C. Bake for about 10 mins and watch over it. If you see the custard is about to puff up into a ball, take it out from the oven immediately. Once it puffs up, the egg tart will wrinkle when it’s cooled. What you can do is to shake the tray of egg tarts and if the custard wobbles, then it a sign that it’s not cook and if it doesn’t wobble, then it’s set and you can take it out from the oven.

Egg Tarts


Egg tarts are Zann’s favourite. So there I was, baked these egg tarts at the late night when Baby Ian was asleep.

Seriously, egg tarts are easier to bake than bread. The egg texture was not to my standard, although Hub said nice. I  still need to improve. Hub had 3 and Zann had 2. Me on diet control. Heh.





The girl had her piping hot egg tarts for supper. She asked me to save 3 for her breakfast tomorrow. I will try the rub in method for the pastry crust next time.