Custard Bun






I  love to hand knead bread. It’s like the more you hand knead, the greater the satisfaction is when the bun is churned out. Baking our own bread is like a nice treat for ourselves.

I used this recipe from my bread cookbook. Oh I love the  japanese-chinese translated cookbook I ordered online. Zann chose this custard bun and asked me to bake for her. She helped to decorate the buns with sesame seeds. Bread making has become our bonding session. I enjoy that.






The girl saved the custard the last to eat.

Translated recipe  (adapted from  三十五分钟就OK!新手零失败超手感面包)

Custard filling
cake four 50g
sugar 50g
milk 150ml (I used skimmed milk)
yolk 3

Add flour and sugar in a bowl, mix well. Add milk and mix well. Add the 2 yolks and mix well. Strain through a sifter into a saucepan. Stir constantly under low heat. Stop the heat when mixture thicken. Add few drops vanilla (optional) and leave to cool.

bread flour 200g
cake flour 50g
sugar 2 tbsp
salt 1 tsp
egg 25g  (remaining egg can use to glaze the top)
warm water 130ml
Instant yeast  1tsp
butter  20g

Add egg into warm water. Use chopstick to stir gently. Combine all the flour, sugar and salt. Pour the egg mixture onto the sugar. Add yeast and mix all to become a dough. Add soften butter and continue to knead until elastic and no longer sticky. Proof 50mins. Punch through the risen dough and divide into 10 pcs (40g each). Rest 10mins. Put in custard and continue to proof 40mins. Glaze the egg onto the top and bake in preheated oven for 15min at 180C.

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