Homemade waffles with homemade ice cream


Morning was served with homemade waffles with homemade oreo ice cream. It’s fun doing this. Now I have more reasons to experiment on the waffle maker. 


Thanks to Hub who got me this waffle maker although it’s not a pro type. But at least we get to eat waffles within our budget. 



The waffles this time are more cake like. It’s like eating cake waffle.


top flour 250g 
baking powder 10g
icing sugar 3g
eggs 2
butter 90g, melted, extra for greasing 
condensed milk 200ml 
fresh milk 100ml 

Combine the milk and condensed milk. Microwave to make it warm. Set aside. 
Combine the sifted flour, icing sugar and baking powder. 
In a mixing bowl, combine the flour, egg, melted butter and milk mixture. Mix well. Set aside for 30mins. 
Grease the waffle maker, bake for 5mins. 


(Recipe translated and adapted from Delicious Waffle) 


Wholemeal Sweet Potato Waffle


Finally got myself a new waffle maker.

I am so excited to try it out, so decided to make sweet potato waffle for everyone. More waffles to make in future! 🙂

high protein flour 90g (I used bread flour)
low protein flour 100g (I used 50g top flour and 50g wholemeal flour)
egg 1
milk 50-60ml (adjust accordingly until the dough is formed)
sugar 20g
salt 1/2 tsp
instant yeast 3g
unsalted butter 75g
purple sweet potato, steamed and mashed 200g
sugar 30g

Combine milk and egg. Mix well. Add in sifted flour mixture, sugar, salt and yeast. Combine and mix well. Add in the butter and knead until no lumps. Set aside to proof for 1 hour.

Combine the purple sweet potato and sugar together. Shape into 7-8 balls.
Divide the dough into 7-8 round balls. Wrap each dough around the sweet potato balls. Place them onto preheated waffle maker and bake 4-5mins.


Recipe tweaked and adapted from I love waffles