Potato cheese saltine cracker


Potatoes, our must have staple food in our family meal. Hub and Zann’s favourite. Myself? Not so. Heh. Whenever I cook for the family, I always include potatoes in the meal. they are so easy to prepare.

I decided to try this recipe when I read that it used potato and parmesan cheese. Oh, I love the Parmesan cheese smell from the oven. Zann says they smell like chicken biscuits.



Look like french fries ?




Recipe adapted from 烘焙新手变达人的第一本书


Cake flour 120g
Parmesan cheese powder 2tbsp
Egg yolk 1
Unsalted butter 20g ( I replaced with vegetable oil)
Mashed Potato 130g


Add parmesan cheese powder to sifted cake flour, whisk to combine. Add in potato and egg yolk, vegetable oil and mix well to form dough. Do not over mix. Flatten the dough to 0.4cm and cut out into strips. Bake at preheated oven  at 160C for 10mins, and then adjust to 140C for 25mins. Keep and store in airtight container.