Banana Cake


Who doesn’t love bananas? We love bananas, especially the kids. 

I baked this banana cake, using the steam-bake method. And the result is a super fluffy and soft cake. This recipe is a keeper! 


banana 120g 
vege oil 40g 
sugar 60g
milk 20g 
egg yolks 4 
egg whites 4 
cake flour 85g ( I used the Jap cake flour) 

Mash the bananas.
Microwave the oil for 1 min. Add in the sifted flour into the oil. Mix well. 
Add in the milk and the egg yolks. Mix well. 
Add in the mashed bananas and combine well. 
Prepare the meringue. Add sugar to the egg whites and beat until soft peak.
Add 1/3 of the egg white to the yolk batter. 
Add to the remaining egg white and fold well. 
Pour into the 6″ round cake tin. 
Steam-bake in preheated oven at 150d for 60min. 

Recipe cr : Stephie’s Kitchen 

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