Chocolate Castella Cake


Now I know why castella cake in chocolate flavour is so popular in Singapore. When you add chocolate in your bakes, everything becomes different. Tomorrow is PSLE examination. I specially baked this for Zann. 



A. egg yolks 5
cake flour 65g
cocoa powder 25g
fresh milk 90g ( do not use Low Fat or Skimmed Milk)
vegetable oil 50g ( heat up in microwave oven for 2mins)

B.  egg white 5
sugar 65g

C.  some chocolate chip (coated with some cake flour)
some grated dark chocolate

Mix the warm oil, cocoa powder and flour well.
Add milk. Use hand whisk to mix well.
Add all the egg yolk. Combine well. Set aside the yolk mixture.
Prepare the meringue. Beat the egg white till stiff peak (sugar added in 3 batches)
Add 1/3 of the meringue to the yolk mixture.
Combine the yolk mixture to the remaining meringue.
Fill 2/3 of the batter with grated chocolate. Fill the balance cake batter.
Sprinkle some chocolate chips.
Steam-bake in preheated oven at 160d for 60mins.

(Recipe adapted from Stephie’s Kitchen – You Tube) 

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