Coconut Tarts


Coconut Tarts! Just the sight of it already made my tummy rumble! I love the smell of coconut when I baked these tarts. I am happy with the end result although I regretted not adding more grated coconut though. And I am grateful that Hub helped to shape these tarts while I made the fillings. 


For the pastry

butter 200g 
icing sugar 120g 
1 egg 
plain flour 420g mixed with 1tbsp milk powder 

Preheat oven at 180d. Cream butter and sugar lightly. Add egg and cream until smooth. Add in the plain flour and milk powder. Mix well. Press into the tart mould. 

For the coconut fillings 

eggs 2 
sugar 95g 
coconut milk 60g 
evaporated milk 20g 
butter 50g (melted)
grated coconut 200g 

Mix eggs, sugar, milk and coconut milk. Whisk until sugar dissolve. Add melted butter. Mix well. Add in the grated coconut. Pour into the pastry. Add some coconut on top. Bake for 25mins until golden brown. 


Recipe Credit: Alex Goh’s Baking Code 

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