Dragonfruit Milk Roll Bread


The lovely pink is indeed a cheerful colour. I used the dragon fruit mixed with the strawberry milk to make these bread rolls. Love that pink hue! 

The bread still stay soft on the next day, which is a big plus in this recipe. 



I didn’t add any fillings, which I am too tired to think. Luckily no one complains. 🙂


(makes 18 bread rolls)
Sponge Dough 

bread flour 200g
instant yeast 4g
milk powder 16g
egg 25g
dragon fruit 50g (cut into smaller pieces)
strawberry milk  100g

Combine all into a dough and proof at room temperature for 2hrs.

Main Dough

bread flour  67g
sugar 40g

salt 4g
strawberry milk 40g
butter 40g

Combine all the ingredients with sponge dough, except butter. Knead to form a dough and add in the butter. Continue to knead till the dough becomes smooth and elastic. Proof 40mins. Divide and shape into 30g each (according to your desired shape). Set aside to proof for an hour. Bake in preheated oven at 180d for 15mins.


recipe credit: mymeloves

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