Chocolate Milk Bread


It’s been while since I updated this baking blog.

I miss baking ever since I started to work.

It’s a long weekend this week, so I decided to bake bread for everyone. Love this feeling.
Didn’t add any fillings inside these buns. Too tired to think also.


Sponge dough

bread flour 214g
cold milk 128g
instant yeast 2g
** combine all and set aside to proof for 1hr (room temp) then proof in the fridge for 16hrs.

Bread dough

bread flour 92g
cocoa powder 10g
chocolate milk 40g
whipping cream 15g
instant yeast 3g
salt 5g
i used molasses sugar 40g
I used skimmed milk powder 12g
unsalted butter 40g

** combine all ingredients, with the sponge dough, except butter into a dough. Add in the butter and knead into elastic and smooth dough.Set aside for 10mins. Divide the dough into 35g each and placed them onto greased tray and proof for 1hr. Bake in preheated oven for 15mins at 180d.

recipe credit : Siewhwei’s Kitchen 

One thought on “Chocolate Milk Bread

  1. Mmm I love milk bread but the addition of chocolate is even more amazing! I thought these were wholemeal at first because of the colour!


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