Salted egg yolk custard bun


Salted egg yolk custard still suits bun, I think. The previous batch of my baked version was not so ideal. Love these steamed soft buns, which I left the dough in the fridge overnight for proofing. The result was good. These buns were so soft and the salted egg custard oozing out, was an oomph feeling. Zann had 3 of them and Ian had one by himself.


Pumpkin Pau 

Pau flour 300g 
yeast 5g 
baking powder 5g
sugar 60g 
butter 25g
fresh milk 50g (add more if the dough is dry) 
pumpkin puree 100g (blend till smooth) 

Knead all ingredients except butter into a dough. Rub in the butter and continue to knead till the dough becomes smooth. Set aside for proofing. ( I left the dough in the fridge overnight) Shape each dough into 50g each. Assemble with filling and rest for 30mins. Steam over medium heat for 15mins. 


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