Cheese Butter Cookies


Chinese New Year is only a few weeks away.

And I have not started on any cookies yet. Decided to test these cheesy butter cookies first.
Probably, these cookies are suitable for cheese lovers.

200g unsalted butter
1 egg yolk
50g icing sugar
100g parmesan cheese powder
200g plain flour
25g corn flour
25g milk powder
2tbsp fresh milk

cheese filling : 75g cold butter, 75g icing sugar, 125g grated cheddar cheese, 85g full cream milk, 25g plain flour

Combine butter, icing sugar and egg yolk. Beat until soft.
Add in the flour mixture gradually until well mixed. Add in the fresh milk and mix well.
Cover and set aside dough in the fridge.
Combine all the ingredients for the fillings, to form a dough. Roll them into tiny balls. Wrap cheese fillings with dough balls and shape them accordingly. Bake in preheated oven at 150d for 30mins.

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