Baked panettone because New Year is near.

I added dark chocolate and orange zests to the bread.

bread flour + milk powder 200g + 10g
sugar 20g
butter 100g
egg 1
egg yolk 1
salt 4g
instant yeast 4g
water 75ml

I used 30g orange peel and 40g dark chocolate

Combine all ingredients except butter. Add in the butter slowly and knead the dough till it reach window pane stage. Add in orange zest and dark chocolate. Do not over knead. Set aside for overnight proofing.

I shape it in my muffin trays the next morning. Baked in preheated oven at 190d for 15mins.

I added almond cookie crust for the topping.

almond powder 60g
sugar 60g
egg white 50g
icing sugar for dusting

Combine all and pipe out onto the bread and dust with icing sugar before bake.


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