There are many types of tiramisu. I prefer the no bake version though. Easy to put these layers together to make this dessert for everyone. 

My own style of tiramisu. 

To make expresso syrup 

coffee powder 1 tbsp 
sugar 1/2 tbsp 
boiling water 125ml 

Dissolve coffee powder, sugar into the boiling water. Set aside to cool. 

** you can add Bailey’s Irish cream if you have. 

To make the fillings 

8 pcs finger  biscuits 
mascarpone cheese 150g
low fat yoghurt 50g
icing sugar 1 tbsp 
vanilla essence 1 tsp 
cocoa powder to dust 
some chocolate chips for decoration 

Mix the mascarpone cheese with icing sugar, yoghurt, vanilla essence and expresso syrup. 
Spread 4 finger biscuits in a 13cm square dish. 
Brush the finger biscuits with expresso syrup to moisten. 
Spoon half the mascarpone cheese on top with some chocolate chips. 
Spread another 4 finger biscuits. 
Spoon the remaining mascarpone cheese. 
Set aside to chill for 4 hours or overnight.  Dust with cocoa powder and  some chocolate chips. 


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