Maple Syrup Milk Cake 蜂蜜煉乳杯子蛋糕


Baby Ian recovered from his one week’s cough and flu. He didnt gain any weight these days. He is back to his toddler class today. I finally stepped out of the house after cooped up at home for a week. Felt so much better after a run in the neighbourhood. Still feel slight depressed though.



The teacher told me Baby Ian loves to eat cake during their tea break session. That gives me another reason to bake for him after I came back from my run. Small maple syrup milk cake in the cup would be easier and convenient for me.

I followed the recipe from carol老师  . Except that I replaced honey with maple syrup.



Had one before I went out. Soft and yummy! Can’t wait to feed the boy with these cakes. 🙂


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