Parmesan Chiffon Cake


Miss parmesan flavour so rebaked this again. The last time I baked this Parmesan Chiffon Cake was one year ago.  Time flies, and my baking blog is one year old. SO many times I tell myself I will not bake so often, but I still continue. Too many bakes to try, so much curiosity to motivate myself to try. 

I can’t finish my to bake list which never ends.  Are u like me who loves to bake? 



vegetable oil 40g + milk 75g, mix together and use bain-marie method to make it warm. Set aside to cool down.
Fold in low protein  flour, 70g. Mix in parmesan cheese powder. Combine well. Add in 3 yolks. Mix well. Set aside.

In mixer bowl, add in 130g egg white, sugar 60g (3 additions). Beat till stiff peak. Pour the batter into 17cm cake tin and bake in preheated oven at 180d for 42min.

recipe translated and adapted from 巧思戚风


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