Madeleine (w/o baking powder)


…. First batch was baked without refrigerated. I used the batter straight away. They are lighter..

We never tried madeleine before, until I bought them on last weekend. A box of six cost $4 from Delifrance. Guess what, both Zann and myself finished them less than an hour! Both of us were addicted! 

I went back to buy another 2 more boxes. Even Daddy also love them. Heh. 

They are French butter cakes in petite size, and yet they taste so nice. Well, and I went back home to search online for recipe, and baked them. 




No baking powder used in this recipe. I added orange zest. 




I baked the second batch, which I refrigerated for an hour. And these madeleine are denser than the previous batch. 




Comparing the two batches, I prefer the second batch which are denser. Overall, they are fluffy although not as buttery as I wanted.

I used this recipe which doesn’t use baking powder.  


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