Purple Sweet Potato Bun


Late night bake again. 

Purple sweet potato bread for the kids tomorrow. Sprinkled too much sugar, I think






bread flour 180g +  oat flour 70g
I used 75g sweet potato and mixed with yoghurt to get the wet consistency I wanted ( until est 150g) 
instant yeast 3g
sugar 25g 
salt 3g
milk powder 10g 
egg 25g 
milk 90g 
butter 25g 

* the usual way of bread making. I used mixer to combine all the ingredients. Proof twice. 

Bake in preheated oven at 180d for 20mins. 

Note: This is a quick fix bread for my family. I used yoghurt to mix with sweet potato so that the mixture will not be too dry.
The bread still remains soft on the second day. And I am left with 3 pieces on the second day.

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