Chocolate Swirl Bread


I am feeling very tired today. But there’s no more bread for this week. And I have no time to do starter dough. So I used a straight forward method to bake this chocolate swirl bread, finishing off my going to expire Japanese bread flour.






high protein flour  100%  (I used 300g)
instant yeast 1.2%  (I used 4g )
sugar 16%  (I used 48g)
salt 1.2%  (I used 4g)
egg 10%  (I used 30g )
milk  54% (I used 162g)
unsalted butter  10% ( I used 30g) 

cocoa powder 12g mixed with water 12g, to mix with smaller portion of the bread dough.

the usual way of bread proofing (x2) and shaping. (I proof in my pullman loaf tin) 

Bake in preheated oven at 180d for 30mins.


Recipe adapted from 跟爱和自由一起做面包


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