Chocolate Cookie Bread


Made these 4 mini chocolate cookie bread for everyone to try. I forgot to add the chocolate chips into the bread dough. 



Recipe (adapted from 日本 Soleil  松本洋一)

bread dough

high protein flour 100g
dry yeast 2g
sugar 10g
salt 1g
milk powder 8g
cocoa powder 3g
water 60g
chocolate chips 20g  (I forgot to add these inside my bread) 

The usual way of bread kneading. Proof for 1 hour until the dough doubled its original size.

cookie dough

low protein flour 30g
sugar 10g
unsalted butter 10g
egg 10g
cocoa powder 10g

* melted dark chocolate to dip into

Combine all the ingredients except butter and egg. Rub in the butter and mix well with the egg. Set aside to chill, to be used later.

Shape the bread  dough after the first proof. Shape the cookie dough. Place the bread dough on top of the cookie dough and proof for 30mins. Bake in preheated oven at 200d for 12mins. Dip into melted chocolates after the cookie bread has cooled down.

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