Black Forest Cake


Baked myself a black forest cake for my birthday. Love tall cake so baked three layer with chocolate buttercream. Chocolate is my love so decided to bake a cake related to chocolate.




Recipe (sponge cake)

corn flour 45g
SR flour 150g
cocoa powder 2tbsp
baking powder 1tsp
egg yolk 6
sugar 120g, 150g
corn oil 120ml
water 100ml
chocolate emulco 2tsp
egg whites 7
cream of tartar 1 tsp


Preheat oven 170d. Line a grease the cake pans. ( I used three 6′ cake tins)

Sift the flour, powder three times. Set aside. Use electric mixer paddle beat the yolks medium speed until thick and pale. Gradually add 120g sugar, beat 2mins at high speed. Reduce speed. Add flour mixture. Beat 2 mins. Add corn oil + water + chocolate emulco. continue beat for 2min until the mixture turns  sticky and smooth.

Whisk egg whites 1 min, add cream of tartar beat 30 sec. Gradually add 150g of sugar and whisk until stiff peak. Fold in the yolk  mixture and white together. Bake for 40-50mins.

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