Japanese Cream Cheese Cake 日式乳酪蛋糕


It’s almost a week that I didn’t bake. So busy with my own stuffs. Rest too long also don’t know what to bake. Decided to bake a small cheese cake for the kids. 


The cake became wrinkled after unmoulded. Shrinkage! Reminds me of myself. Yellow with wrinkles, just like me.  



Recipe (used a 6′ cake pan)

cream cheese 100g 奶油乳酪
milk 50g 牛奶
melted butter 30g 溶化得奶油
egg yolks 3 蛋黄
cake flour 15g + corn flour 10g (sifted together) 低筋面粉 +玉米粉
lemon juice (A few drops) 柠檬汁

egg whites 3 蛋白
lemon juice 1/4 tsp 柠檬汁
sugar 50g 细糖

Place cream cheese and milk in a heat resistant mixing bowl and place over a bain-marie or hot water bath. Stir till mixture becomes smooth. Add in the melted butter. Off heat. Add in the yolk. Mix till combine (with high speed). Add in the sifted flour. Set aside.

In a clean and grease-free mixing bowl, whip the egg whites 5 sec, then add in lemon juice until the bubbles become small. Add in the sugar and beat till soft peak. Scoop about 1/3 of the meringue to mix with the cheese mixture. Pour the cheese mixture back to the balance meringue. Fold to combine.

Pour hot water to a height of about 1 cm, into a bigger bake ware/ tray to serve as water bath. Bake in middle rack at 160d for 30min, 145d for 35min.

~~ recipe adapted from FB Soh Pin Tee 

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