Cake donuts 蛋糕甜甜圈


Made these five donuts for everyone. By using baking powder and cake flour and deep fried version.


Coated some with sugar for the girl, while some coated with chocolates are for myself.


Recipe (adapted from 跟着君之学烘培 II )

low protein flour 110g  ( I used cake flour) 
high protein flour 70g  (I used plain flour) 
unsalted butter 16g (soften at room temperature)
sugar 40g
salt 1.25ml
milk powder 5g
egg yolk 1
water 90g
baking powder 7g
oil for deep frying 25g
* optional – sugar/ chocolate (for coating) 

Combine sugar and butter. Add in  milk powder, salt. Mix well to form grainy mixture. Add in egg yolk. Mix to form smooth mixture. Add in water. Whisk to mix well.  Combine with sifted flour mixture. Hand knead into a dough. (Do not over knead). Set aside for 30mins. Shape and set aside for 15mins. Preheat the oil for deep frying. Deep fry the shaped donuts for not more than 1.5min.

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