Whole Wheat Bread


I added butter on my own when I  baked this bread. It helps to soften. I wanted to try all wholemeal flour but I have yet to experiment. Maybe next time. 

I left the bread to proof before I left the house. Lucky came back in time to do the second proof. 



Recipe (adapted from   原味)

A. Water roux dough

cold water 90ml
high protein flour 20g (I used plain flour) 

Add the cold water into a pot on low heat. Add in the flour. Stir till it thickens/ lines are seen. Set aside for use later.

B. Main dough

Water roux dough (100g)
high protein flour 250g (I used 200 plain flour) 
wholemeal flour 50g ( I used 100g) 
instant yeast 1/2t
sugar 30g
salt 1/4t
olive oil 30g
cold water 110ml

* optional – 20g unsalted butter ( I rubbed into the dough) 

Combine all the ingredients into an elastic and smooth dough. (I hand kneaded). Proof for 1-2 hours until the dough becomes twice the size. Shape and proof for 45mins – 1hr.  (I proofed the  dough in my pound cake tin). Bake in preheated oven at 170d for 20-25mins. 


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