Caramel Milk Loaf Bread


I didn’t have the mood to bake this week. Except bread for the kids which is a must for them. Baked this caramel milk bread for them today. Took me almost a day to complete the bake. 


Recipe (using pre fermented dough)

bread flour 210g
active dry yeast 4g
egg white 60g
milk 70ml

Combine all into a dough and leave to proof at room temperature. (I proofed overnight)

Main dough
bread flour 90g
sugar 24g
salt 4g
caramel 80ml
pre fermented dough

Usual way of bread making. I hand kneaded the dough. Proof for 30mins. Shape and put the dough into the pullman tin. Bake in preheated oven at 180d for 30mins.

To make caramel milk

sugar 40g
water 1tbsp
whipping cream 100ml  (I used milk)

Add sugar and water into sauce pot and boil on low heat until desired tan colour. Off heat. Add in the milk and combine. Set aside to use.


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