Plain Bread


Finished the remaining of my refreshed starter to make this plain bread. Now my fridge is exploded with old dough, pre fermented dough, starter. 

I started earlier using a fren’s suggested recipe initially, but I made one wrong step ended up my dough was spoilt. I don’t know why I didn’t give up. I continued using my own refreshed starter from the fridge. Better! 


It was past midnight by the time my bread was done. And it’s only a small loaf! 



Sliced the bread on next day, to see big crumb holes. Not there yet. I have not achieved big air pockets in the crumbs. Hub took this small loaf with him to work before I can try. 

Recipe (Adapted from Jayeon)

100g refreshed starter
185ml water
5g salt
250g bread flour
whole meal flour for dusting

Mix the refreshed starter with water until dissolved. Add salt and mix well. Add bread flour  and mix for 30s until well blended. The dough is sticky. Proof at room temp until it doubles in size and put in the fridge for 7 hrs.

Flour the work surface area. Gently shape into a  ball. Proof. Preheat oven at 220d. Put a ceramic pot inside.  Put the dough inside and score. Bake for 20mins with the lid ,after that remove lid and bake for another 10min until loaf is browned.

Note: this method takes up a lot of  waiting time. I tried cos I was curious. Can only do this if have the spare time. 

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