Mini Otah Buns


I have  a pack of New Moon mackerel otah, so decided to bake mini buns with otah fillings. 

Recipe (adapted from  ~和随随鱼一起做烘焙) 

Bread flour 300g  ( I used 200g bread flour 100g cake flour) 
sugar 25g
egg 30g
butter 16g
salt 2g
water 135ml ( I used milk)
instant yeast 3g  ( I used 8g fresh yeast)

Combine all the ingredients except butter. Rub in the butter and continue to knead till it becomes an elastic and smooth dough. Proof for 1hr. Punch in to release the air. Divide them into 14 small round balls. Shape, put in the desired fillings and set aside for 2nd proof  for 40mins. Milk wash and bake in preheated oven at 180d for 20mins.

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