Banana Coconut Chiffon Cake 香蕉椰香戚风蛋糕


March school holidays are here. And I am so stressed with two kids at home.  I thought I won’t be baking so much this week, but Zann was craving for a banana cake. Although I love to bake bread but once awhile I still bake a cake for everyone.

When I saw the pic and the easy steps from  爱 ~ 厨房. I decided to use her recipe. And the cake turned out soft and fluffy. Yummy!


Recipe (used a 6″ cake tin)

3 egg yolks
coconut oil 30g
coconut milk 40g
banana (mashed) 80g
top flour 55g

3 egg white
sugar 40g

Add oil to the egg yolk and whisk well. Combine milk and banana. Fold in sifted flour gently. Beat egg white till stiff peak. Add sugar (2 additions). Fold in 1/3 of the egg white to the yolk mixture, then fold in remaining egg white. Bake in preheated oven at 170d on bottom rack for 30mins (upper heat) and 150d for 15mins (lower and upper heat).


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