Tomato Ciabatta


Hub and I love ciabatta. For a change, we thought it would be nice to  eat them for dinner. So there, took me more than 16 hours of preparation. 

Started with a poolish starter which I left it to proof overnight at room temperature. 


The ready poolish starter, which I mixed with the main dough. It’s super STICKY when I combined the two wet dough. So wet I had to use my mixer to mix everything. I left it to proof in oven  for an hour. Made 3 folds and rest for another hour. 3 folds again and rest for 30mins. Repeat one last time, before rolled out flat and cut and proof for 45mins. So many steps for 4 loaves of ciabatta! But well, I am curious so I went on to bake. 



Dinner was home baked ciabatta with grilled chicken, homemade garlic spread and garden salad. 



And I turned the remaining ciabattas into garlic bread, to eat with my home cooked beef stew. 


Poolish starter (to proof overnight)

fresh yeast 1% 1.8g 
water 100%  180g
french flour 100%  180g

Combine all until it becomes a dough. (I used my mixer). And proof for at least 12hrs.

Main dough

french flour 100% 340g 
fresh yeast 0.75%  2.5g 
poolish starter 60%  204g 
water 70% 238g 
salt 2.5%  8.5g 
sugar 8%  27.2g 
tomato puree 10% 34g 

Combine n knead all ingredients until it becomes a dough. Wet but elastic. Proof for an hour. Punch in to release the air. Fold x3 and proof for an hour. Fold x3 and rest for 30mins. Repeat again. Roll the dough flat and cut into the desired shape and proof for 45mins. Dust some flour onto the surface. Be careful not to deflate the dough. Steam bake in preheated oven at 200d for 18mins.

The steps can use here for reference.

One thought on “Tomato Ciabatta

  1. Hi Cendrine, this looks yummy. Can you share your recipe for home-made garlic spread?

    cendrine: add minced garlic n parsley flakes* into soften butter/ margarine, toast n thats it.


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