Sweet Potato Bread


I’m in love with artisan bread, those crusty types especially. 

My last bake which was related to purple sweet potato. Finally, cleared all the potato in the fridge. I decided to bake a crusty potato bread in a ceramic pot. 



Cross section of the bread. See the crumb holes? Yea, I love to see holes inside the crumbs, but still far from reaching big pockets. So there’s a need to practise more. 🙂 

Recipe ( makes 2 loaves)

sweet potato 190g
bread flour 250g
whole meal flour 50g
salt 1/2 t
fresh yeast 3g
cold water 95ml
some olive oil to rub in the surface after scoring

I proof this bread twice, total of 3hrs. Spray some water mist onto the bread before sending them to oven. Baked in a ceramic pot at preheated oven 220d for 20mins.

Note: I like crusty bread which was why I sprayed a lot of water mist onto the bread surface. 

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