Chocolate wassants


I love chocolate wassants. After trying Provence’s wassants, I wanted to learn in making them. And I can bake them on weekend when hub is around to take care of baby Ian. So there, my first attempt, using the recipe from Rumbling Tummy


When I read through the recipe and learnt that is a 85% hydration level. I was  hesitant. Sticky dough indeed! But I still went ahead to try. If I don’t try I wouldn’t know. So I hand knead this time. Took me nearly 40mins to reach window pane. Hard work!  






My chocolate wassants turned so dark after I egg washed them.. Can you see the chocolate swirls inside? Zann waited anxiously at the oven and was the first to take two and ate them right away. I was surprise she would eat cos she doesn’t like chocolates. Nevertheless I am happy lah. 

I read some recipes used water roux method. I will practise on the wassants again. 


Recipe (adapted from Rumbling Tummy)

Chocolate sheet

50g chocolate
20g butter
20g bread flour
10g cocoa powder
5g corn flour
60g milk
20g castor sugar
30g egg white


Using two small bowls, melt chocolate & butter separately. In a sauce pan, sift flour, cocoa powder & cornflour together. Add in milk & sugar into the sifted flour mixture. Add in melted chocolate, butter & egg white. Put the saucepan over the stove on low heat. Using a wooden spoon, stir the mixture until it becomes thick. It will becomes a soft dough. Remove the saucepan from stove. Pour out the chocolate dough onto a cling wrap to cool down. Roll out the chocolate dough into 22cm x 14cm.   Chill in the fridge for later use.

Bread Dough

250g high protein flour
40g sugar
1 tsp instant dry yeast½ tsp salt
1 egg
100g milk
63g water
30g butter


Prepare dough by mixing all ingredients (except butter) together. knead till you get a dough. Knead in butter, incorporate well and knead till you achieve window pane. Place dough into a oiled bowl, cling wrap and allow to rise till double in size. Punch dough down to remove air bubbles and roll out the dough into a rectangle of size 31cm x 22cm.

Put the chocolate sheet on the middle of the dough. Fold in both ends of the dough to cover the chocolate sheet completely. Seal all the edges tightly. Turn the dough 90°. Roll dough till it is about 60cm x 22cm. Fold the dough into 4 folds. Turn dough 90C. Roll dough into a 54cm x 22cm rectangular sheet. Cut into triangular pieces of base 9cm and height 22cm. Roll triangular pieces from the widest part. Proof  for 50 minutes at 35°C.

Apply egg wash and bake at 175°C – 180°C for 18 – 20 minutes.
(I baked at 180d for 15mins) 

 I still find the bread not close to Provence’s. Regretted using egg wash. Will choose milk glaze next time. 

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