Polo buns


We love to eat out polo buns with luncheon and cheese.


Recipe (adapted from 跟爱和自由一起玩转面包)

polo skin: butter 45g sugar 45g salt egg 33g cake flour 95g

To prepare the polo skin, add sugar to soften butter. Mix in the egg bit by bit. Add in sifted flour. Divide into 1o portions. Set aside and chill to wrap around the bread dough.

bread dough: bread flour 200g cake flour 50g instant dry yeast 3g sugar 25g salt 3g egg 25g milk 90g whipped cream 60g butter 25g

normal way of bread making. Proof twice. Divide into 10 pc each 25g. Wrap inside the polo skin. Bake in preheated oven at 180C for 15mins.


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