Tall, light and fluffy good loaf of brioche! ….Croissant’s best friend. 
I love it’s buttery and tender crumbs. I  going to eat it with my Kopi-O.  


Recipe (adapted from 跟爱和自由一起玩转面包)

bread flour 100% ( I used 225g) 
instant dry yeast 2% (5g) 
sugar 12% (27g) 
salt 1.8% (4g)
egg 45% (101g) 
milk 18% (41g) 
unsalted butter 40% (90g) 

Normal straight dough method. Proof twice. Bake at 180d for 20mins.  (I used small loaf tin)

Note: While hand knead the butter into the dough, it’s not easy and I refrained adding flour. I used the flip and flap method by Richard Bertinet. It worked for me to reach the smooth stage. This bread takes patience esp hand kneading. But it’s worth it cos the bread turned out good and soft. So similar to croissant. ( I rubbed in the unmelted butter in 3 parts instead all at one go… too greasy to handle.)



I divided the dough into 5 parts which went into the loaf tin.  The remaining dough went inside this heart-shaped cake tin! Forgot to brush one surface. Heh.


One thought on “Brioche

  1. Hi Cedrine ,

    Can I use Kitchen aid to do the mixing instead of hand kneading? And what is the meaning of normal straight dough method ?


    cendrine: can! For me i usu combine the dry ingredients first then add in the liquid bit by bit until dough is formed. Rub in the butter as I knead. Straight dough method also means all the ingredients are mixed at the same time in the mixer.


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