Coconut Buns


I like this recipe …cos COCONUT and is by water roux method, which made the bread stay soft even till the next day.


I made six in total. Zann and I had one each. Left four which I gave to Hub to bring back to his camp. He was on reservist for two weeks, which affected me. Means I am on  my own to take care two kids at home. Tired! I will be cutting down on baking these few days cos I have yet to recover from my cough.



Recipe  (adapted and translated from 爱和自由) 

Water Roux: bread flour  50g and  90C hot water, 60g  (combined together and set aside to cool down)
Main bread bough : bread flour 250g  Water Roux dough, sugar 40g, salt 2.5g, active dry yeast 3g, egg 25g  water 110g butter 25g

coconut filling: butter 50g sugar 50g egg 50g grated coconut 100g milk 50g

Combine all the dry ingredients followed by the wet ingredients, except butter. Knead into a dough and slowly rub in the butter. The dough is sticky but refrain from adding flour. Continue to knead into a smooth elastic dough. Proof in a warm place for 1.5hrs.

Prepare the fillings. Soften the butter. Whisk well. Add the sugar to combine. Stir in the egg bit by bit. Add grated coconut and milk. Combine well and set aside. (I drained the excess liquid away)

Shape the dough into 7 balls. Flatten and spread the fillings in centre and wrapped into ball shape. Flatten again, cut 10 or 12 slits around  the edge. Fold face up to make a flower shape around. Repeat for remaining doughs. Proof for 60mins. Egg wash and bake in preheated oven at 180C for 13-15mins.

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