Croissants. Everyone’s favourite especially baby and Hub. The buttery aroma filled my kitchen when I baked these today. The dough and butter was prepared the previous night. Method. Three times of turning and rolling and shaping, is so challenging. My fear of melting butter when I started to roll out and proof. I hate the rolling part but I so love the sight of them puffing up in the oven. Zann fell in love with croissants after trying them for the first time.

I will make these again because I still need to improve my brushing.




Recipe adapted from (Devoted to bread) Tutorial from Richard Bertinet’s Crust (my fav bread book)


French flour  100%
fresh yeast 4%
salt 2.5%
sugar 8%
water 50%
milk powder 6%

Butter layers

unsalted butter 50%

The folding steps can use the reference to here.


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