Wholemeal bread with oats and chia seeds 燕麥奇亚籽吐司


Baked this bread for myself so I can eat with nutella. 😀



Took out a portion to make a bun for myself so I can have it with ham for breakky. 


Recipe (adapted from CarolEasyLife)

A) instant oats 50g warm water 150ml (mix together and set aside for 15mins)

B) Ingredients A , wholemeal flour 70g bread flour 200g instant yeast 3/4tsp sugar 15g  salt 1/2ts olive oil 30g  chia seeds 2tbsp milk 80-100ml

c) rolled oats for dusting (3-4tbsp)

Normal straight dough method. Proof x2 and bake in preheated oven at 210d for 40mins.

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