Tiramisu Mousse Cake




Recipe (adapted from Carol 烘焙新手第一本书)

a. chocolate/ coffee cake
yolk 3 (used cold)
sugar 30g
olive oil 40g
coffee powder 1T (mix tog with warm water, combined with cocoa powder)
warm water 50ml
cocoa powder 20g (I used valrhona)
top flour 75g (sifted tog with corn flour)
corn flour 20g
kahlua 1T

b. meringue
egg white 3
lemon juice 3ml
sugar 30g

Whisk yolk and sugar. Add in olive oil. Then stir in the coffee/ cocoa mixture. Fold in sifted flour and kahlua. Set aside. Prepare meringue. Beat egg white till foamy. Add in sugar and lemon juice, beat till soft peak. Add 1/3 meringue into yolk mixture. Then fold in remaining meringue. Bake in 43cm x 30cm cake tin, in preheated oven at 170d for 15mins.

After the cake has cooled down, use 6′ cake ring to cut out into 2 parts. Put one part into the cake ring and set aside.

c. sugar syrup to brush on the cake
coffee powder 1T
warm water 50ml
rum 1T

d. mascarpone cheese filling
egg yolk 3
sugar 50g
milk 50g
gelatine sheet 6g
mascarpone cheese 200g

e. whipped cream
whipped cream 200ml
sugar 20g

1. Prepare the sugar syrup. Add the coffee powder to warm water and stir in rum as well. Combine. Brush onto the cake surface.

2. Prepare the mascarpone cheese filling. Soak the gelatine sheet in water. Mix yolk, sugar and milk together. Warm  the mixture by double boiler method until foamy and off heat. Add in soften gelatine sheet and mascarpone cheese. Combine and set aside.

3. Prepare the whipped cream. Beat the whipped cream and sugar until 70% peak form. Add in the mascarpone cheese mixture. Continue to stir in a tray of cold water, until it turns thick.

Back to the cake base in the cake ring. After brushing the sugar syrup, Pour half of no.3 into the cake ring. Put the other half of the cake on top. Pour in remaining no.3 mixture. Chill in fridge for 5-6 hours. Sift the cocoa powder onto the cake top before serve.




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