Wholemeal Blueberry 排包 (bread) with chia seeds

1 I decide to use semolina flour to do this 排包, indeed the flour didn’t fail my expectation. The bread was still soft and good even on the next day. I wanted to increase the hydration level so actually I didn’t really measure the milk and blueberry puree when I added them. I continue to knead the sticky dough until I reached the window pane stage. Tiring but really worth it. 


I left the dough to proof overnight in the fridge. Another way of letting the yeast to stretch the gluten slowly. 


200g bread flour
50g wholemeal flour
50g semolina flour
salt 3g
sugar 15g
instant dry yeast 5g
blueberry puree 150g
milk 50-60g
unsalted butter 30g

Add all the dry ingredients except butter. Continue to knead to form a dough. Add the liquid bit by bit and adjust accordingly until you decide whether the dough can take anymore liquid. It’s a sticky dough for me. But I continue to knead after rubbing in the butter. Continue to knead until window pane stage. Set aside in warm place to proof for 1 hr or so. Punch in to release the air and rest 1omins. Shape into 10 small thin strips (fitted accordingly to the casserole I used). Proof overnight in the fridge for at least 12 hrs, or until it increase in double size. Brush milk/egg mixture onto the surface and bake in preheated oven at 180D for 20mins. Note: I adjust the liquid accordingly.

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