Baby’s oatmeal cookies


Baked these oatmeal cookies without sugar added, for Baby Ian. Our road trip was confirmed after so much ‘nag’ from me. LOL. So, I baked these cookies to bring along for baby’s teething snacks. This will be our first trip with baby. Abit scared, keep thinking what if we can’t cope…how?  I don’t want to think so much liao. Leave everything to God. 


Recipe (adapted from 烘焙新手變達人的第一本書)

unsalted butter 35g  (I used extra virgin coconut oil)
brown sugar 15g (I omitted)
salt 1/8 tsp (I omitted)
maple syrup 20g (used agave nectar)
egg 1
cake flour 50g
wholemeal flour 50g
oat 60g (I blended the oats into oat flour)


Add unsalted butter into the mixer bowl. Use hand whisk and cream them. Add brown sugar and combine well. Add in maple syrup, mix well. Add in egg in 4 additions and mix well. Fold in sifted flour mixture. Do not over mix. Add in oats and mix well. Shape the dough and bake in preheated oven at 160C for 18-20mins.

Note: I did not follow the ingredients used in the recipe. I prefer to use healthier ingredients suitable for baby, so these cookies are not too sweet, just nice.

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