Chocolatey polo buns


Baked this soft and pillowy chocolatey polo buns to satisfy my chocolate cravings. I filled them with dark chocolate. One bite and the melted chocolate oozed out. Happiness in the mouth and mind! Haha  



With only 150g of bread flour used, hence 6 mini buns were  made. Just enough for Hub and myself, since Zann doesn’t like chocolates. Love these buns. So soft and yummy!



Recipe (adapted from yichihye)

bread flour 137g
valrhona cocoa powder 13g
milk 50g
water 50-60g
sugar 15g
butter 20g
instant dry yeast 3g
salt 2g
Sone dark valrhona chocolate chips

For the chocolate crust topping

unsalted butter 20g
sugar 20g
egg 20g
corn flour 16g
valrhona  cocoa powder 4g

Mix the melted butter with sugar. Add in the eggs and combine. Add the flour mixture. Stir to combine and put into piping bag. Chill for later use.


For the bread dough

mix all the dry ingredients together except butter. Add in the milk. Then add in the water bit by bit. Stop when dough is formed. Not necessary to finish the water. Rub in the butter and continue to knead until dough becomes elastic and smooth. Set aside to proof for 2hours. Punch in the dough to release the air. Rest 10mins. Divide the dough into 6 pcs. Roll out into oblong shape and wrap the dark chocolates inside. Shape into round doughs and set aside to proof for 45mins. Pipe out the chocolate crust topping onto the top of each dough. Bake in preheated oven at 180C for 15mins.


2 thoughts on “Chocolatey polo buns

  1. hi, i wanted to make this bun today but i don’t understand “wrap the dark chocolates inside” – did you mean, use the ingredient from “For the chocolate crust topping” wrap inside the bun? I hv all the ingredients ready but a bit stuck. I hope to hear from you. Thank you so much.

    cendrine: hihi Yes pipe out the crust topping on top of the bun. The ‘wrap inside..’ refers to the chocolate chips. I put the chocolate chips inside the buns so that it will melt into ‘cream’ when u sent to oven. 🙂


    1. i had to laugh because i made it last night, laid the topping inside the bun. after it was baked, the “filling” all spurred out but crunchy. LOL. As for the chocolate chips, i mixed them all in the bun’s skin as there were no mentioned to use it as a filling. Nevertheless, i am enjoying eating 3 buns now and will bake it again. It taste fantastic though.

      cendrine: 😀


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