Chocolate Ogura Cake


I have been thinking about chocolates whole day today. Cravings! So decided to bake myself a chocolate ogura cake. Heh.



After  inverted my cake, the skin sticked to my cooling pan.  See the lines? Make my cake look ugly. Umm don’t invert also cannot.



Had my expresso cream and nutella on standby while the cake was in oven. Haha. Was so eager to dress up the ogura cake in nutella and cream. Forget the calories, EAT first!


Recipe (used back the same recipe as the previous blue pea flower ogura)
50g veg oil
1/8tsp salt
60g milk
5 egg yolk
1 whole egg
55g Top flour + 15g valrhona cocoa powder

Beat together corn oil, milk, salt, egg yolk and whole egg till frothy.
Sift in flour mixture and mix well, put aside.

5 egg white (A size)
80g castor sugar
1tsp lemon juice

Using electric mixer, beat egg white with lemon juice and castor sugar till stiff peak. Using spatula, mix together A and B till combine.
Pour the batter into cake tin ( I didn’t line the cake tin cos I prefer to use chiffon and cheesecake method).
Steam-bake in oven at 130’C for 20 minutes and 150C for 30mins .

Invert the cake after baking and let it cool before serving.

Note: My cake skin stick to the cooling pan after inverted. I prefer to use round cake tin, for taller cake and also easier to remove.

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