Multi layer Butter Bread Loaf 奶油千層吐司




Recipe adapted from 原味-Carol 100道无添加纯天然手感面包  

bread flour 270g
cake flour 30g
yeast 1/2 t
salt 1/8 t
sugar 30g
milk 200ml
butter 20g

Add all the ingredients except butter. Knead until dough is formed and rub in the butter. Continue to knead until the dough turns elastic and smooth.  Place dough in a greased bowl and proof for 1-2hrs or until the dough increased double in size. Once it’s doubled, punched out the air and divide the dough to 65g portions, roll round and cover to let rest for 10 minutes before shaping. Roll the dough out into a large rectangular about 30cm by 50cm. Spread the reserved salted butter on it leaving about 1 inch on the sides. Roll up the dough from the short side and seal all the four edges tightly. Fold the log into half, with one half on top over the other. Then use a sharp knife, slice down 3 parts leaving about 1″ at the end. Braid the dough and gently place it into a greased loaf tin. Let it proof till 80% full. Bake in a preheated oven of 175C for 30 minutes till top is golden brown. Remove from loaf tin immediately and let cool on rack before slicing to serve.


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