Pumpkin cookie sticks (Pocky version)


Some of these cookie sticks were dipped in my fav dark chocolate, make it like pocky sticks. The uncoated ones are for baby.



pumpkin 140g
unsalted butter 30g
sugar 30g 
salt 1/4 tsp
organic wheat flour 100g
rice flour 20g
baking powder 1g
sesame seed 10g

Steamed and mashed pumpkin, combine well with softened butter. Add in sugar and salt. Mix well sifted flour, baking powder, rice flour and black sesame seed. Flatten the dough in the ziploc bag and chill in fridge for 1hr. Dust some bread flour on the work surface area. Roll out the dough and cut into strips, 3-4mm thick, desired length. Bake in preheated oven, 180C for 20mins or until golden brown.

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