Cheesecake with chocolate topping 巧克力乳酪蛋糕




Recipe adapted from :君之 (6寸托底模)

Digestive biscuits 100g butter 50g
crush the digestive biscuits. Hand mix with the unsalted butter. Combine together and press the mixture into the cake tin. Set aside in the fridge.


cream cheese 250g Eggs 2 Sugar 50g  Whipped cream 60ml  Vanilla essence 1/4 tsp
Cream cheese, bring to room temp. Use double boiler method to soften the cream cheese. Add in sugar and combine. Use electric beater and beat in egg one by one. Once combined, remove from the heat. Add in whipped cream and vanilla essence. Pour into the cake tin. Steam bake at 150C for 60min.

Chocolate topping:

chocolate bar (break into pieces)  70g whipped cream 60g unsalted butter 10g
Use double boiler to melt the chocolate and add in unsalted butter. Stir in whipped cream. Set aside for awhile. Pour into the cake tin once the cake has cooled down. Chill in the fridge for 4hrs before cutting.

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