Blueberry bread with purple potato swirl


Blueberry bread baked in the tube pan, with purple potato swirl. I love its purple hue.

紫色的蓝莓面包,紫薯馅. 天然的紫色让人眼前一亮
bread flour 300g
salt 3g
sugar 15g
instant dry yeast 5g
blueberry puree 150g
water 50-60g
unsalted butter 30g
Mix all ingredients tog except butter. No need to use up all the water. Stop once dough is formed. Rub in butter and knead till smooth and elastic. Proof for 1hr or until dough increase x2. Punch in to release air. Shape accordingly. (I added purple potato on my own). Proof for 45mins. Bake in preheated oven at 180C for 20mins.
*Normal straight dough method.

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